In 1951, an ill-fated trip involving heavy canned foods, a long mountain trek and a group of increasingly demoralized Girl Scouts forever altered the course of what was thought possible in outdoor dining. Fast-forward twenty years, when this small outdoor company was purchased by Ronald Smith. With the help of a small but dedicated team, Ronald transformed the Girl Scouts' inspired idea into one of the world’s foremost producers of freeze-dried meals.

      Backpacker's Pantry was now an independent, privately-held, family-owned and operated company. Later, Ronald Smith’s son, Rodney, inherited the company and took over ownership. Now, Rodney and his wife Soraya, who serves as the in-house product development chef, work together with their team of enthusiastic staff to bring the company to full potential, as a powerful force in the outdoor industry as well as renewable energy and innovative agriculture realms.

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