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Chicken & Rice (6-Pack)

Outdoorsman Chicken & Rice is made with white rice, a generous portion of white meat chicken and vegetables in all natural, hearty chicken gravy. This is no-fuss comfort food the world over, that anyone can enjoy. The single serving pouch weighs only 4.4 ounces and with over 30 grams of protein and 500 calories, Chicken and Rice will soon become your favorite go-to meal. So easy to prepare, just add 1.5 cups of boiling water. Ten-year shelf life. Gluten free.

Outdoorsman Chicken & Rice is part of Backpacker’s Pantry’s newest category of gourmet, lightweight, freeze-dried meals. These delicious single-serving entrees are for the hunter, mountaineer, high altitude or polar explorer or outdoors person who needs more protein, more calories and would prefer a single-serving size. Long distance hikers and backpackers will appreciate the light-weight, nutritionally balanced meals. We've added extra white meat chicken to our original Chicken & Rice and created a great tasting, hearty chicken gravy that melts in to the white rice and blended vegetables. Convenient and easy to prepare.

This best-selling meal just got better with the improved recipe and attention to calories and protein. Organic olive oil helps bring up the calorie count and adds flavor as well as long lasting energy. The single serving pouch allows you to bring just what you need without any waste. No need to share the traditional 2-serving pouch or carry any extra weight. The package is recyclable through our TerraCycle program at no cost to you. Cook in the bag. Eat and enjoy. Leave no trace. Lower sodium. Contains rbst-free milk and soy.