Solar Storm 100 Panel


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The Solar Storm 100 is the panel of choice for getting the most power per dollar. Portable enough for mobile applications, yet durable enough for permanent exterior mounting, this panel is a great balance for any use.

Purchase does NOT include cables

Panels have EC8 connections

Ships in 10-12 business days

If you currently have Solar Storm panels with Neutrik connections you will need to purchase a 6ft or 30ft Neutrik to EC8 adaptor to extend your solar array.

30 day money back guarantee & 1 year warranty on all Inergy products 

Product Specs

  • Solar Capacity: 100 Watts
  • Cell Type: Polycrystalline
  • Dimensions: 26.5" W x 40" H x 1.8" D
  • Weight: 16.2 lbs.
  • Connection Type: EC8
  • Chainable for multiple panels (EC8 Connector)

What's Included?

  • 100W Rigid Solar Panel (Qty: 1)